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Poor Boy’s Baits is a small soft plastics bait manufacturer located in Shipshewana, Indiana. We specialize in hand poured soft plastic baits that are used to catch a variety of fresh water fish.

We want to thank you for taking the time to look over our product line and price list. As well as the Darters, Goby’s, creature baits and craws that make up the soft plastics, you will notice our terminal tackle. We did not bring in terminal tackle to be yet another box of hooks and lead hanging on your walls, but to be one of the lines that stand above the rest from every aspect.

Premium Gamakatsu hooks are the backbone of the entire series, well known for being the “stickiest” hooks out there. You will see four different styles of tube jigs, with so many different profiles, weights and shapes, your tube fisherman are bound to find one perfect for each and every situation on the water.

Our Pro Shaky football jig, and our Screwball heads are each available in three different sizes, have unique bait holders, and are painted black with a two part epoxy paint, and are sure to take any abuse rocks and gravel can throw at them.

We are especially excited about our Darter line of jigs. These are available in three different sizes, as well as three different colors to match any of our baits perfectly. While proving these out this past year, we had great luck with many different applications throughout our entire line. The heavier 3/8 oz sized worked very well with larger baits like our 5” Dixie

Darter in texas-rig type applications, flipping, pitching etc. The smaller 3/16 size was a perfect match for not only our 4” Darters and Goby’s, but also our 3” jr. in light line, clear water fitness situations. When fished properly, these jigs put a gliding action on your bait, not just the standard up and down motion so many fish are accustomed to seeing.

Custom runs are something that our smaller size allows us to offer all of our dealers. We are willing and able to pour our baits in custom colors at a a mere 300 piece minimum. Please call for details.

In closing, we would like to say thank you for your interest in our product line, and please feel free to call if there is anything we can do to help. There is no minimum order, and all dealers are set up on standard net 30 terms, and added to the dealer locator on our website, as well as mentioned on our Facebook page.

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